Thursday, July 16, 2009


When Tracy got married on April 18th at the Castle at Ashley Manor, you may have seen from an earlier post on our blog that she jumped into the fountain in her wedding dress. Once the dress was wet, she truly looked like a mermaid - which was the style of the dress anyway. We took it a step further on June 25th and built an underwater set and photographed Tracy in a swimming pool. Our set included an underwater muslin fabric background, lots of sandbags, rose petals and a very expensive underwater uncasement for my Canon 5D Mark II. What a blast it was! Thanks for the beautiful pictures Tracy!


Mitch said...

Wow! Would love to feature these on my 5d blog. Please send me email and we can discuss? Mitch at

Marnee Marriott said...

Wow Anne... beautiful, and how fun! What a dream client. These are amazing. Now that you have that casing, I can't wait to see more!